BVH Type

b•v-h type is the typographic side of baldinger•vu-huu, a Swiss-German graphic design studio founded in 2008. André Baldinger and Toan Vu-Huu work in a multidisciplinary way on various fields such as visual identity, publishing, signage, museography, poster and typographic design for cultural institutions and private clients. They share their passion and know-how by teaching at EnsAD in Paris, ANRT in Nancy and ZHDK in Zurich.
Their designs are regularly exhibited, published and awarded in France and internationally. They are members of the AGI - Alliance Graphique Internationale. They decided to open their own type foundry in 2022, under the name BVH Type.

André Baldinger
Toan Vu-Huu
Jimmy Le Guennec
Fanny Hamlin

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