Fréquences – Book for iPhone

“Fréquences” is an unclassifiable e-book for iPhone.
It is a collective project created by Célia Houdart, André Baldinger, Sebastien Roux, Graziella Antonini and Martin Blum.
The narrative and visual design oscillates between passages for reading and those for listening.
Both a miniature radio drama and a strange slideshow, it is a hybrid object where texts and their visualization coexist.

The version of the short film is presented at the festival ¡Viva Villa! from October 11 to November 10, 2019 at the Collection Lambert in Avignon.

Typefaces: BLine, BDot et BaldingerPro
Text: Célia Houdart
Graphic and Typeface design: André Baldinger
Sound design: Sébastien Roux
Photography: Graziella Antonini
Production and development: Martin Blum/Blumbyte

André Baldinger


  • Aide au projet par «DICRéAM», France
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